About the book

In Pursuit - Journeys in African Entrepreneurship chronicles the journeys of two friends whose experiences in America shaped their approach to starting their own businesses in Nigeria. Drawing on their experiences of working, building and supporting business, and exposure to multimillion-dollar projects around the world, they uncover what it takes to own, run, and grow a profitable business.

Through their personal insights, they relay information relevant not only to entrepreneurs and investors seeking to do business in Nigeria, but anywhere on the globe—after all, the heart of business is human interaction. Their conversational banter-jab style, for which they're known in person and on social media, invites readers into their circle where they can share the wisdom gained through continuous pursuits to fulfill their dreams.

Business and life intersect. No matter your goal, you're not crazy, and no, you're not alone!  Through In Pursuit, two Bendel boys invite you to laugh, yell, and reflect, as they converse from head and heart.


In Pursuit - Journeys in African Entrepreneurship (‘In Pursuit’) is a funny, serious, witty and thought-provoking interrogation of the challenges and opportunities of the African entrepreneurial journey. The book - through real life examples - captures attributes of principled and ethical leadership, dexterity, optimism, resilience, cultural values, passion for excellence, and innovative thinking; the vital qualities necessary for sustainable success as an African entrepreneur. I recommend it as a must-read guide on African entrepreneurship for entrepreneurs and investors”.
Gbenga Oyebode (MFR)
Chairman, Aluko & Oyebode
(Lawyer, Investor and Philanthropist)
There are few highways on the path of entrepreneurship. Go slow, potholes, detours and the occasional mobile police checkpoints are inevitable. But so are growth, friendships and fun experiences. In this book, Chukuka and Oswald share their refreshing and relatable stories of some of the moments on their path back to Nigeria. You have no choice but to be transported into their rich and vividly told stories about the process, timing and challenges they experienced on the long road to success. ‘In Pursuit’ the book, is an honest account of some of the varied personalities one encounters on the way to ‘making it’. Not just making it. Making it in Nigeria”.
Chinedu Echeruo
Dreamer, Love & Magic Company
(Serial Entrepreneur: Founded Hopstop and sold to Apple)
In Pursuit – Journeys in African Entrepreneurship is easy to read and filled with wisdom and insights based on the first-hand experiences of two dynamic entrepreneurs. I applaud Chukuka and Oswald’s courage and generosity in sharing their lives’ experiences and entrepreneurial journeys. This book will inspire the next generation of African entrepreneurs to dream big as global citizens should, but act decisively local, to create sustainable value and transform the Continent”.
Ndidi O. Nwuneli (MFR)
Co-Founder/Director, AACE Food Processing & Distribution Ltd.
(Social Entrepreneur, Investor and Author)
There is a saying that, it is through joke one expresses bitter truth to a friend. The nuggets of life and business lessons told through this book will abide with you because they will not only make you laugh but be a guide for you as an entrepreneur or a returnee. ‘In Pursuit’ is not just a book to be read in one sitting, it is bible of sort to be referenced every now and then”.
Victor Ehikhamenor
Nigerian Visual Artist, Writer and Photographer
(Undeniably one of Africa’s most innovative contemporary artists)
In Pursuit brings to life the raw energy and the high-stake bets of two of Nigeria’s brightest, with the equally breathtaking story of their date with breakthrough success and a romance with failure in the background.

Oswald and Chukuka take you to the frontline of race relationships and national identity, in the process, exposing the internal homing device that directs millions to sojourn to their roots at great personal cost. The career lessons for returnees & locals alike are priceless, as is the leadership lessons laced with humor and authenticity.

In the end though, ‘In Pursuit’ is about becoming, about adapting to who they have always been, even when the initial experience is alien to them. It is the African in all of us calling them home to fight for this glorious continent, to risk everything to become the men they were meant to be but could never have without returning.

‘In Pursuit’ is not a book for just returnees, it is a manuscript for anyone in search of a deeper meaning”.
Abubakar Suleiman
Chief Executive Officer, Sterling Bank Plc.
(Senior Banking Executive and Fintech Enthusiast)
Don’t read this book if you don’t want the real truth on how to build a multimillion dollar business in Africa’s fastest growing economy, Nigeria. Longtime friends, Oswald and Chukuka both grew up in the United States and gave up their high paying jobs to move back to Nigeria to start their entrepreneurial journey. Their adventures and lessons are chronicled through a light-hearted conversational banter, where each conversation distills over a decade of experiences and survival tips, guiding any future Nigerian entrepreneur with a winning mindset.

Oswald and Chukuka tell the story of the battles won and lost and the scars to show for it while building very successful Telecom and Financial Services businesses. Each chapter is a unique case study, making it required reading as the “unofficial” guide to anyone considering or in the process of building a business in Nigeria".
Yen Choi
Group Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Netcom Africa
(Serial Entrepreneur and Technology Investor)