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How do you hustle on the Bright Continent of Africa and hammer in Nigeria, while scaling hurdles?"

The authors

The men behind the book

Chukuka is an up-coming Film Producer with a successful background in Investment Banking. He has abandoned dreams of being the first black James Bond...


Osaretin is an aspiring farmer with a streak of leading transformational projects. When he is not recommending or implementing solutions for clients, he is either lost in a gallery or gazing through a window with pen in the hand - daydreaming about being an author...


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Episode 1


Journeys in African Entrepreneurship

Migration - Part 1
Migration - Part 2
Dollar, Pound, Naira Part 1
Dollar, Pound, Naira Part 2
Human Beans Part A
Human Beans Part B
Na To Settle Down Part A
Na To Settle Down Part B


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